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Grow Systems

The advantages of active hydroponic systems

  • Faster growth and higher yield.
  • The energy of the plant can be fully inserted into the leaf development and the bloom.
  • The harvest is done earlier - more crops per year.
  • The water and nutrient efficiency increases - active hydroponic systems are recirculating systems.  The nutrient solution is used for several days until it is used up.
  • The source of the error over or under watering is reduced - the plants take up only as much or as less of nutrient solution as they need.
  • Cultivation with minimal waste - a great advantage when indoor cultivation.
  • No soil pests - fewer chances that pests will establish and correspondingly reduced use of pesticides.
  • Ultimate control over the development of plants - Made to order: The nutrition of the plants.

Contrary to popular belief we consider: These systems are suitable for beginners. Conscientiousness, accuracy and cleanliness must be ensured, however.

Nutriculture Systems

Nutriculture Systems

Nutriculture - a wide range of different farming systems.

  • Ebb and flow
  • NFT
  • Amazone
  • Quad- and Octogrow (for all who prefer soil or cocos in pots)
  • and a system for hydroponic cuttings

The manufacturer from England with a really cheap and well-functioning system palette.



The Wilma ensures that your plants are supplied with a nutrient solution in professional way, so the plants lack nothing and can perform optimally. Watering manually is therefore no longer necessary in these growing systems. In each nursing tray 4/8/10/16/20 pots of 6,5, 11 or 18 litres can be placed. This way the plants have sufficient space to develop optimally. The Wilma growing systems are light in weight and easy to move, and are very stable in the nursing area, allowing the plants to stay neatly upright, even when they have grown large. The Wilma growing systems have been especially designed for the professional grower!

Spare parts

Spare parts

Sometimes something will be broken. Here your problem is solved.

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01. Wilma Growsystem 9-Pot

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02. Nutriculture Aeroponic Cuttings Propagator

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03. Nutriculture Multi-Duct NFT(uo to app. 10 sqm)

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04. Wilma Growsystem 16/20-Pot

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05. Nutriculture Flo Gro

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06. Wilma Growsystem 20-Pot

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07. Nutriculture Amazone

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09. Wilma Growsystem 10-Pot

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10. Nutriculture Ebb & Flood System

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